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Rugby sunday15th march is off.




If you would like to register a child please follow this link to the Individual Player Membership - /minisjuniors/about/membership/individual-membership.aspx

U6s - Lead Coach - Justin Hewgill


Manager - Jane Baines: janelbaines@gmail.com

New coaches are always welcome so please come and speak to one of the team if you are interested. All coaches have to be members for insurance and safeguarding purposes - kit  will be supplied and coaching courses will be available during the early part of the season.

To start in September 2019 you need to be 5 before the 31 August  - ie going in to Year 1 at school (no exceptions will be made).

We look forward to welcoming new members to the Jersey Reds Minis & Juniors.

For all membership enquiries please contact our Membership Secretary, Kevin Gollop at jrfcamemberships@hotmail.co.uk



Not much, warm clothes for the winter, water in all weather and tag belts (once handed out). 

Everything you need is available at our own shop, situated in our container between pitches 2 & 4 (Sunday mornings - during the season only) or from JSSK (Jersey Schools & Sports Kit) situated at Les Quennevais Parade, St Brelade.

Or online at http://www.jssk.co.uk/jersey-reds-minis-juniors

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TRAININg is Off. we will confirm for next sunday 22nd March.









General information

Please regularly check our webpage, this will be the primary means of communicating with parents or carers & will detail any updates or changes to our training.


Sunday Mornings - 9.00am to 9.45am. Pitches vary due to weather and other matches taking place, so please check this page prior to leaving for training.

Please arrive at 8.45am for registration.

Your child needs relatively little kit as we want to keep rugby affordable for our junior and mini members.

1. Footwear. Specialist rugby boots are available but not necessary, most children play in football boots BUT standard football studs are not allowed as they have sharp edges which are dangerous for other players. If your child's boots have screw in studs please replace them with specialist rugby studs. Bladed boots are discouraged because of concerns over the potential to injury to other players and the increased chance of the players slipping.

2.Buy nothing until they have played several times in the wet and cold and still like rugby! Please ensure they are warm it can get cold on the pitch even when the weather appears to be reasonable.

3. Mouth Guard. Your dentist can make one or you can buy one off the shelf and mould it in hot water.  JSSK run our shop which is between pitch 2 and 4 or at Quenneais Parade.

4.Training Kit. As long as they have the right boots they can train in any appropriate kit they have.

5. Match Kit. Squards have a set of playing shirts they hand out before matches and take back after so there is no need to buy a shirt for playing games.

6. Other items  such as hoodies (cannot be used in training as the hood may be caught and pulled), track suits, kit bags, training tops are available from the Club shop but are not necessary. If your child has been playing a while they make ideal Christmas or birthday presents but please do not feel you have to buy these in order for your child to play rugby.

7. Water bottles, named and with water as we do take water breaks.

8. Our web page www.minisandjuniors.je/squards/U6-mixed-tag-aspx

While we have a team of coaches on the pitch looking after your children, 
we are not responsible for your children!  Accidents do occasionally happen and therefore it is essential that a parent/carer is present pitchside, if you have to be somewhere else on club grounds or if another parent is taking responsibility for your child, this is fine but please let the manager know at the beginning of the session and leave a mobile contact number.

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