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With more than 500 young people training every week throughout the season, the Minis & Juniors relies on a small army of volunteers - Coaches, Managers, Committee Members and others - who undertake a huge amount of work behind the scenes.


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Michelle Clark Image

Michelle Clark

Minis and Juniors Chair

07797 744405

David Rees Image

David Rees


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Mark Stockwell


Lead Coaches

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Lead Coach U6 Mixed Tag

Paul Carruthers

U6 Lead Coach

07797 821006

Lead Coach U7 Mixed Tag

Jon Brennan

U7 Lead Coach

Lead Coach U8 Mixed Tag

Simon Burgess

U8 Lead Coach

07797 761242

Manager U6 Mixed Tag

Jane Burns

U6 Manager

07797 815585

U7 Mixed Tag Manager

Kristie Potts

U7 Manager

07700 711000

manager U8 Mixed Tag

Adam Dicker

U8 Manager

07797 719741

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