General Information and Terms & Conditions

Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the clubhouse unattended. Parents and guardians are responsible for their children at all times and the Academy is not to be considered a crèche. Under the guidance of the RFU Coaches, Manager and Helpers cannot take legal responsibility or act in a parents loco for players whose parents or guardians leave them during a session. Parents and guardians are responsible for their child's safety on the club premises and should acquaint themselves and their child with the out of bounds areas and hazards. If a parent does leave, they must appoint another parent to be responsible for this child. They must notify their Lead Coach/Team manager of their absence and identify their stand-in carer. JRFCA has a child protection policy which should be read and understood by all active adult participants

Parents/Guardians are advised that it is compulsory for all children over 7 Years (school year 3 and over) to wear a gum shield to help protect teeth and gums. Parents or guardians are responsible for ensuring players come adequately equipped to cope with the weather conditions that can occur during the winter months. Additional dry clothing to change into after training should be provided by parents or carers.

Please note that in line with Club policy, dirty kit MUST NOT be worn in the Clubhouse. A change of clothes is expected following training. Anyone seen with dirty clothes will be asked to leave the Clubroom. We fully understand the high spirits of children following a burst of energetic rugby training but please can you ensure that children are supervised and behave appropriately whilst in the Clubhouse. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

We recommend that, if not already done so, players should have a preventative course of tetanus injections.

Should a parent or guardian not be present when a child suffers an injury then you consent to your child being taken to Hospital and receiving medical treatment if this, in the opinion of a Coach, Physio or qualified First Aider is considered the appropriate action.  You also consent to our medical team, first aiders or safeguarding officers of M&J to contact and liase with your childs school, to ensure that further injury is prevented and a return to play protocol can be prepared.

The manager's area of the Academy's website details the procedure followed by age group managers to organise home & away fixtures. Parents/legal guardians will be provided with full details of the arrangements prior to travel.
When your child is asked to play/travel the academy expects your child to behave responsibility in a manner in accordance with their age. Any Child who fails to behave in an acceptable manner may be excluded from further travel, for safety reasons. 
The Academy does not accept any responsibility for personal equipment / clothing /other possessions. All clothing, especially for the younger age groups needs to be named.
Any damage caused by players will be the responsibility of the parent.

The academy takes out travel insurance for any away fixture, the cost of this is added to the parental contribution for the trip. The extent and limitation of the insurance provided is detailed on the Academy website under the Manager's area, parents are expected to read and understood this.
Payment of the parental contribution is required prior to travel. In the event of an away fixture being cancelled due to weather or other reasons parents are advised that whilst the Academy will endeavour to claim under the travel insurance, that ultimately in the event of a claim being unsuccessful the cost of travel lost is the responsibility of the parent not the academy.
Parents are expected to ensure that the manager/lead coach or other club Official has current contact details for a parent or guardian of all players under the age of 18 travelling with the academy unaccompanied, parents should be contactable at all times.

From time to time photographs & video may be taken of your child amongst others by the Club, the media, other families and spectators.
These will be used across the club promotional activity including:
academy media releases, the academy newsletter, the academy web site and selected academy social media sites. If you have any strong objections to this please put this in writing to the membership secretary and return with this form.

Parking is available on Pitch 3 ONLY.

Please note that parking is not permitted in the bowl car park immediately in front of their entrance. The JRFCA does not accept responsibility if cars are parked here and are wheel clamped at a minimum release fee of ₤60. Please also note that parking is not permitted on the hatched areas in the car park.

These areas must be left free at all times for emergency access.


Subscriptions are non-refundable after 30th Sep.
Players who have not paid before the 1st October will not be eligible to play until payment and registration forms are received.

As a parent, you play a special role in the development of your son or daughter, and of his/her teammates. Your encouragement and good example will do more to ensure good sportsmanship and self-discipline than any other influence. The other team is the opponent, not the enemy, and should be treated with respect. While winning is important, playing well and fairly is the essence of the game. The player, parent & officials code of conduct can be found on the academy strongly recommends all parents read them.

1. Support your Child
Support your child by giving encouragement and showing interest in his/her team. Help your child work toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship in every game and training session. Teach your child that hard work and an honest effort are often more important than victory.

2. Always be Positive
Children learn more by example than by criticism. Work to be a positive role model, and reinforce positive behaviour in others. Applaud good plays by others on your child's team as well as good plays by the opposing team. Do not criticise any child's performance from the side-lines. Accept the results of each game. Teach your child to be gracious in victory and to turn defeat into victory by learning and working toward improvement.

3. Don't be a side-line Coach or Referee
Refrain from coaching or refereeing from the side-lines. Parents who shout or scream from the side-lines often give inappropriate advice. The coach should be the only side-line voice. Remain well back from the side-lines and within the spectator area. You and your child will both enjoy the training session/game more if you put some emotional distance between yourself and the field or play. Officials are symbols of fair play, integrity and sportsmanship - Do not openly question their judgement or honesty.

4. Demonstrate a Positive Attitude toward your Opponents and their Families
Opponents are not enemies. Take care to show good hospitality at home and to represent the Jersey Rugby Academy in a positive way when visiting other clubs.  Never allow yourself to be drawn into a verbal disagreement with opposing parents or coaches. No one has ever regretted letting "cooler heads prevail."

5. Remember that your Child wants to have Fun
Your child is the one playing rugby, not you. Children must establish their own goals - to play the game for themselves. Take care not to impose unreasonable demands on your child. Let your children experience the fun of playing as well as the challenge of excelling.

6. Keep Children in your Care under Control
Rugby encourages you to bring your children to training sessions/games. However, there can be dangers to them on a pitch. They can also constitute a danger to the players. You should ensure that children with you at a training session or game are well behaved and do not wander onto or too near the pitch.

7. Show appreciation for Volunteer Coaches, Officials and Administrators
Volunteers are necessary for the functioning of sporting activities. Without them, your child could not participate. Show them the respect and appreciation that they deserve

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