Jersey Clubmark


Late last season the Jersey Reds Minis & Juniors were very proud to be awarded the Jersey Clubmark.

What is Jersey Clubmark?

Jersey Clubmark is an award scheme for sports clubs who have met high standards in:

  • club management
  • safety
  • coaching and competition
  • off-island travel

It is similar to UK Clubmark but takes account of the differences between Jersey and the UK. For example we have added a section on off-island travel as many sports clubs want to compete or train outside Jersey and we want to make sure that you can do that safely.

Jersey Clubmark is valid for three years.  After this time your club will be rechecked to make sure you still meet the criteria.

Who can get Jersey Clubmark?

Any sports club in Jersey can work towards the award.  It was originally set up for clubs which had members under 18 years old but has now been expanded so that all clubs can get the award.

Benefits of Jersey Clubmark

There are lots of benefits to getting Jersey Clubmark:

  • more members (evidence from the UK shows that more people want to get involved with Clubmark clubs)
  • parents and guardians know that juniors will be safe and have quality coaching
  • coaches and volunteers will develop skills
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