2017 Easter Weekend of Rugby - Follow Up


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Wow! What an amazing weekend of Rugby.

You can see lots of images on our FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/jerseyredsmandj/

Thanks to the JEP for their great write up.

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On behalf of all of us, from players to parents to siblings to grandparents and friends can we personally say a HUGE thank you to the, too numerous to mention, band of amazing people who made the day the huge success it was. If I miss anyone then my apologies. The main organizer and her family; Clare Germain, Charlie Germain and Amelia & Alexander, our amazing event sponsor Kleinwort Hambros, Thomas Castagniede, Cliff Chipperfield, Tom Innes, Nigel Sm...ith, Diane Fitzjohn, St. John's Ambulance team, Ashley Hillier, Steve Lund, Jane Pinel, Roger Nightingale, Kevin Lemasney, Ron Felton, Richard Lumborg, David Harrington, Caroline Harrington & the U7s, Tracey Boylan, Kenan Osborne & the U8s, Caroline Parry, Simon Thomas & the U9s, Christa Roberts, Mark Witherington & the U10s, Ruth Thomas, Adie Hodgson, Piers Tharme & the U11s, Philip Ruelle, Peter Culnane & the U12s, Alan Williamson, Don Gardner, David Mccormack & the Colts, Simon Thomas for overseeing what was a lively Colts match as referee, David Felton, Sadie Ruellan & the Combined Schools Team, Laurent Leroux from Dinan plus all the other visiting squads, the list goes on........

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